Malmö University, in the heart of the Öresund Region, is characterised by global engagement, community involvement, and multidisciplinary, challenge-based approach to education, research, and collaboration.

This conference is organised by the Institute for Urban Research, a university-wide research centre that brings together all urban research at Malmö University.

This project is funded by FORMAS.

Beyond Smart Cities Today: Power, Justice, and Resistance is the second edition of the Beyond Smart Cities Today conference held in Rotterdam in 2019 and organised by the Center for BOLD Cities, from Leiden-Delft Erasmus Universities.


Carina Listerborn is Professor in Urban Planning at the Department of Urban Studies, at Malmö University. She holds a Ph.D. (2002) from Chalmers University on urban safety discourses from a feminist perspective. Her research fields are urban social geography, critical urban and housing theory, and feminist urban studies.  She has previously done research on urban conflicts, violence and uprisings, neo-liberal planning, and housing inequalities. Most recent research focusing on intersectional perspectives on smart housing developments.

Claudia Fonseca is a postcolonial and feminist urban scholar with expertise in Latin America. Her main research interest is studying the way urbanisation unfolds and how global capitalism actually happens on the ground – how both shape everyday life – in the inconspicuous places of the global South. She is currently working on the project Smart Cities in the Global South: Contributing to Cosmopolitan Urban Studies. 

Maja de Neergaard is Assistant Professor at the Department of the Built Environment, Aalborg University, Denmark. Her research is broadly situated within Urban Studies with interests including urban/rural transformations, housing and inhabitation practices, and the digitalisation of cities and everyday life. One of the projects she is currently engaged with addresses the critical implications of urban digitalisation on affordable housing and social diversity.

Fredrik Torisson is a postdoctoral researcher in Urban Studies at Malmö University. His research can be placed within the fields of architectural and urban historiography and architectural theory. Research interests include critical readings of architecture and the built environment, architectural and urban historiography and different modes of envisioning desirable futures. Currently, he is investigating the smart city and the smart home from a historical perspective. 

Adriana de la Peña works as a research assistant at the Institute for Urban Studies at Malmö University. She is involved in research projects related to smart urbanisation: Smart Cities for City Officials project, which aims to empower city officials with information to face the smart city planning market. And a research project that analyses narratives about smart urbanisation in Latin America.